Printer Charges

At the start of each fall and spring semester, each user receives a free allocation of $12.50 for black & white printing. (The allocation is $6.25 for each summer session.) This allocation is reset at the beginning of each new semester after the first time you print each semester; any "money" you do not spend on printing is not carried over to the next semester. After this allocation is used up, charges are added to your (or your department's) Bursar bill from Rensselaer.

Please note that the $12.50 free printing allocation is for black and white printing only. All specialized printing, including color printing and plotting, is charged to the user's account. There is no allocation for specialized printing.

Also note that printing charges will not appear on your Bursar bill until the amount is more than $5.00. This means that charges might not appear until the following semester.

one-sided 8.5"x11" 10 cents/page + 2 cents/job
one-sided 11"x17" (vcblw, vcsoutb) 20 cents/page + 5 cents/job
two-sided 8.5"x11" 15 cents/sheet + 2 cents/job
two sided 11"x17" 30 cents/sheet + 5ccents/job
labels (vclbl30) 10 cents/page + 10 cents/job

  • one-sided 8.5"x11"
    [Phaser 6350] (vc6350let)
    [Phaser 8570s and 8650s] (ci3130p3, li2f2p3, sa3101p3, tr2012p3, vcpap3, vcph3let, vcsoutp3)
    [7750, 7760gx] (gr306cl, vcmezzcl)
  • one-sided 11"x17"
    [7750, 7760] (gr306cb, vc7760cb, vcmezzcb)
  • one-sided 11"x14"
    (vc7760cz4, vcmezzcz4)
20 cents/page + 5 cents/job
  • two-sided 8.5"x11" (vcph3let, gr306cl, vcmezzcl, vc6350let)
  • two-sided 11"x17" (vc7760cb, vcmezzcb, gr306cb)
  • two-sided 11"x14" (vc7760cz4, vcmezzcz4)
30 cents/sheet + 5 cents/job
Glossy 11"x17" (gr306cbg, vc7760cbg) 20 cents/page + 20 cents/job
Transparency 8.5"x11" (vc6350ovr) 50 cents/page + 20 cents/job

vcp7100 vcp7100g vcpltcf
$1.25/foot - grayscale/draft $2.00/foot - grayscale/draft $2.25/foot - grayscale/draft
$1.50/foot - grayscale/normal $2.25/foot - grayscale/normal $2.50/foot - grayscale/normal
$1.75/foot - grayscale/best $2.50/foot - grayscale/best $2.75/foot - grayscale/best
$1.75/foot - color/draft $2.50/foot - color/draft $2.75/foot - color/draft
$2.00/foot - color/normal $2.75/foot - color/normal $3.00/foot - color/normal
$2.25/foot - color/best $3.00/foot - color/best $3.25/foot - color/best

Printing Refunds

The Division of the Chief Information Officer (DotCIO) will grant refunds for unusable print jobs due to printer errors only. These errors would include low toner, overheads printed on regular paper, plotter out of ink or paper during print job, only the header sheet printed, etc. If you are having difficulty achieving a desired result, you must request help from an ARC Help Desk consultant or staff member before reprinting your document.

To request a refund, you must fill out the Print Refund Request Form and return it, along with the header sheet and any output, to the VCC Help Desk. Your request must be complete and received by Help Desk staff within seven days of the date that the job was printed. Most refunds will be completed within seven days of being received at the Help Desk.

Charges for black-and-white printing over the $12.50 free allocation and all color printing charges are applied directly to your Banner account and appear as a total dollar amount under the heading Student Printing.

If you have any questions regarding your printing charges, please contact the VCC Help Desk by calling (518) 276-7777.

Service Status

  • balw: Scheduled Maintenance
  • eccomlw: Functioning Normally
  • li4f1lw: Unexpected Outage